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Madina New Road Rawlings Circle, Accra

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question which is not part of this list, shoot us an email and we will respond swiftly.

For most products, you should receive your order after 3-5 working days (depending on order size).

However, for products such as paper bags, you should receive your products after 10 working days. 

Yes, our products are sources from verified suppliers in the US and China. We don’t cut corners to try and make extra profits by cheating our customers. Our work speaks for itself.

We accept all forms of payments, bank transfers, mobile money, cheque, crypto etc

We offer free delivery for large orders (conditional), for smaller orders, delivery is calculated based on your location from our office in Madina New Road, Rawlings Circle.

Yes, you can make changes to an order before we begin printing (which is 24hrs after order is received).

However, once we begin printing, making changes will come at an extra cost.